Hazard Removal Is Essential Service

Hazard Removal Is Essential Service
As defined by Sonoma County Order No. C19-05, Section 13. n., and Marin County Public Health Order, Section 13., Definitions and Exemptions, sub-section f. “Essential Businesses*,” xiii. Arborists, Sonoma-Marin Arborists, Inc. will only engage in tree/landscaping services which are necessary to maintaining the safety of people, residences, and property. We will perform essential activities to the limited extent necessary to maintain the habitability, sanitation, operation of businesses or residences, or the safety of residents, employees, or the public: i.e. the removal of hazardous trees that represent the possibility of immanent failure and which present safety hazards to customers and/or unknowing bystanders, and/or the #defensiblespace in preparation for the upcoming fire season.
Our services are being carried out in regards to increased safety; we consider the health and welfare of our workers and customers and our community beyond, to be our highest priority. We are employing extra sanitary measures, increased equipment and uniform cleaning, and are keeping in compliance with social distancing requirements, to the extent possible, as defined in Order No. C19-03, Section 10. c., Definitions and Exemptions and as outlined in Appendix A: Social Distancing Protocol of these Public Health Orders.
*Please note our employees are engaging in work defined as an “Essential Service,” falling within the operations and maintenance framework of Sonoma County’s essential infrastructure, per both the 03/18/2020 Order of the Health Officer of the County of Sonoma, No. C19-03, and the 04/01/2020 the Health Officer of the County of Sonoma Extending Shelter in Place Order, No. C19-05, Beyond April 7, 2020 (socoemergency.org  @County of Sonoma).  As it follows, we are similarly defined as an “Essential Business,” falling within the operations and maintenance framework of Marin County’s essential infrastructure, per direction from the Health Officer of the County of Marin, Shelter In Place Public Health Order: March 31, 2020 (https://coronavirus.marinhhs.org/stay-home-order-effect-marin-county  Marin Health and Human Services).
We continue to closely follow the CDC recommendations, as the COVID-19 situation fluidly evolves. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call our company office line at 707-762-8733 between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

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