Got Green?

We’re Here To Help!

We see trees and the land that supports them as integral parts of the ecosystems we advocate for, but we also view them, in a much broader sense, as directly interconnected to our larger planet, as a whole.

We all know that trees & plants produce many products our world has come to heavily rely upon. As owners of a tree & landscaping service, we feel it is our responsibility to recycle & re-purpose, to the maximum extent, any usable parts of resulting green waste, whether it is lumber from a Redwood tree that had to be taken down or wood chips from a yearly, maintenance pruning job; we do everything we can to ensure nothing is wasted.

The most exciting & rewarding part of SMA’s tree & landscaping projects is seeing the benefits of proper tree & land care, with regards to sustainability, aesthetics, & the multifaceted functionality of trees, plants, & earth, well placed.

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