Cover Your Zones in Defensible-Space

Cover Your Zones in Defensible-Space

Zones 0-3 defensible-space

Zone 4 defensible-space

Do you know your Zones of Defensible-Space?  We’re all hunkered down right now here in Northern California during this latest Red Flag Warning and holding our collective breath, praying this latest fire will pass as peacefully as possible, and so it’s probably a good time to brush up on our zone knowledge regarding Defensible-Space.  We need to defend our properties.  Yes, it’s the law.  And yes, it will make a critical difference in wildfire.  Did you know property owners are required to maintain defensible space  all the way up to their property lines? And there are actual Zones.

Technically speaking, 5 Zones, listed as Zones 0-4.  Zone 0 is closest to your house 0-5′ and that should be bald.  Sorry landscapers.  Zone 1 is 5′-30′ and you want to keep that definitely ‘lean and clean.’  Zone 2 is 30′-100′ and at a minimum you want to weed whack the snot out of it.  You get the idea.  Zone 3 pertains to access around and over your property.  Yes, property owners are responsible for vegetation adjacent to roads and driveways.  Access roads are critical for evacuation and First Responder access. Maintenance on that is required year-round. Picture our brave and glorious Sonoma County fire fighters trying to save you and your house but the pumper truck won’t fit down the driveway!  That would really stink.  Those guys are an opportunity I would never want to miss out on.

And finally, Zone 4 reflects where you end and the rest of it begins.  This means you have to deal with ALL your neighbors, not just your favorites.  Whatever we do, we need to work together in service of protecting our whole community and ecosystem.  Play nice, people.  And tell anyone who is floundering on their zone control to call our office to schedule a free estimate for Defensible Space work!  Cover your Zones. #sonomastrong #coveryourzones

Images courtesy of  FIRESAFEMarin

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