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First of El Nino Storms 2016 0

First of El Nino Storms 2016

Posted on Jan 5, 2016 in news

The first of several El Nino storms this week is now hitting the Bay Area. The storm is expected to deliver a sustained soaking of the region Tuesday through Thursday, with a break on Friday....

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Meet Zachary Wilder, Man of Trees. 2

Meet Zachary Wilder, Man of Trees.

Posted on Oct 26, 2015 in news

Hi, my name is Zachary Wilder and I’m a Tree Man a.k.a. tree care specialist. Sometimes I get called the trees’ advocate…my customers don’t speak; my customers are trees. I was lucky...

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The Right Tree in the Wrong Place 1

The Right Tree in the Wrong Place

Posted on Jan 5, 2015 in news

Just because Sequoia sempervirens trees are gorgeous California natives, it does not mean they are necessarily the right species, in the right place.  This Coast Redwood tree measured 90” in diameter at...

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Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit Starts Smart 0

Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit Starts Smart

Posted on Apr 12, 2014 in news

SMART START: Sonoma-Marin Arborists Inc has been contracted by Stacy & Witbeck/HERZOG and Shimmick Construction to clear trees and limbs along the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) alignment through...

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Angry Nesting Birds 0

Angry Nesting Birds

Posted on Mar 19, 2014 in news

Thousands of nests and babies must not be lost due to thoughtless tree trimming during bird nesting season, which extends March through August for most birds in California. Sonoma-Marin Arborists Inc does not promote the angering of birds!

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Petaluma Redwood Tree Cut Down 0

Petaluma Redwood Tree Cut Down

Posted on Oct 17, 2013 in news

The City called and said they needed help removing the sickest of three Redwood trees from Center Park, here in downtown Petaluma. We had just finished reading some ghastly accident briefs in our monthly...

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Eucalyptus Identity Self Test: 0

Eucalyptus Identity Self Test:

Posted on Sep 3, 2013 in news

1) Are you unable to retreat from continual attempts to show someone that they are wrong about Eucalyptus trees? 2) Do you obsess about Eucalyptus trees that have already been removed, even through they are...

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Color Me Nitrogen: Your Lawn Thanks You! 0

Color Me Nitrogen: Your Lawn Thanks You!

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 in news

And so does your ground water, your neighbor’s ground water, and the the size of your children’s future gonads. Would you pour herbicide on your head? Proper irrigation, fertilization and...

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Safety Is No Accident 0

Safety Is No Accident

Posted on Aug 6, 2013 in news

Safety training seminar time must be taken to ensure all personnel involved in tree work procedures have the proper information and training to perform work safely.  We consider our protein regulation during...

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The Horrors of Thatch 0

The Horrors of Thatch

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 in news

Unless you are Rihanna in her bad-ass grass hut dress, thatch is bad for you, especially in your lawn. We’re not talking about the accumulation of rebellious grass clippings, but a deeper, more...

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