Eucalyptus Identity Self Test:

Eucalyptus Identity Self Test:

1) Are you unable to retreat from continual attempts to show someone that they are wrong about Eucalyptus trees?

2) Do you obsess about Eucalyptus trees that have already been removed, even through they are long gone?

3) Do you persist in arguing there is no biodiversity problem in Eucalyptus forests, that Eucalyptus do not pollute the soil for decomposing organisms leaving the soil drained of nutrients, but people are not willing to listen?

4) Do you go “overboard” to preserve Eucalyptus trees, even though they have been destructive to your well’s water supply, leaving you to truck potable water back onto your property?

5) Do you find yourself baffling fire professionals by continuing to debate, defend, or explain that Eucalyptus trees should now be considered a “naturalized native species” in California?

6) Does your grove of Eucalyptus out-complete all California native species in its vicinity while harboring ladder fuel species such as Scotch Broom, which you feel compelled to overlook?

7) Have you kept damaging secrets about cracked Eucalyptus railroad ties or rotting Eucalyptus poles in the ground to yourself?

8) Do you find that while others are horrified by the 1991 fire in the Oakland Berkeley Hills that killed 25 people and destroyed more than 3,500 homes, you are equally or more horrified that The Park Service blames Eucalyptus trees for 70% of that fire?

9) Do you continue to oppose trimming and removals of Eucalyptus trees, even though FEMA has spent three years studying the environmental impact of a tree removal plan and deems it acceptable, even though California’s 100 feet of Defensible Space law is taking into account the fact that a single ember from a wildfire can reach your home or business from a mile or more away, and can become trapped in corners, igniting nearby plants and exposing siding and roof overhangs to flames, and even though Eucalyptus is a fire-prone, ladder fuel producing species, itself?

10) Are you attracted to “dangerous” people, situations or things?

11) Do you experience a brief relief of tension after any deliberate setting of fires for pleasure or satisfaction?

12) Do you disregard scientific publications and, instead, blog repetitive, vehement, straw-man diatribes attempting to normalize the destructive effects of Eucalyptus trees that are a no win for everybody?

If you have answered “YES” to several of these questions, you most likely have Eucalyptus Identity. You may want to consider joining your local Anthropocene Extinction Meet Up Group (species extinction due to human activity), and also visit to begin preparing yourself and your family, because, WILDFIRE IS COMING. (You can create a Wildfire Action Plan, Emergency Supply Kit, and strategize on how to Evacuate.) And you can always schedule an initial, Certified Arborist assessment of your property to explore further any concerns that have been raised.

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