Ready To Dive On In?

Ready To Dive On In?

#DeadliestJobInterview is on again this Friday night on Discovery with more perilous interviewing, as brave rookies vie for position. Tune in for Episode 2, Dive On In, as one of our tree climber rookies jeopardizes the team when he ignores expert advice about scaling a tree; Dan and Erik attempt a dangerous underwater welding job in San Diego; Amateur pilot, Ron, gets his first taste of canyon flying.


Follow a number of hazardous professions including the tree men from Sonoma-Marin Arborists, Inc., South African bush pilots, heavy haul truckers, iron erectors, underwater construction divers, volcanologists exploring active Italian volcano Mt. Stromboli, and wind turbine technicians as rookies—a.k.a. “greenhorns”—  learn the job as a grunt, and learn life-or-death on-the-job training. #‎DeadliestJobsInterview Fridays on #‎Discovery‬ at 10PM ET.

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