Beware Stressed Trees Now Heavy With Water

Beware Stressed Trees Now Heavy With Water

Although now we might get a break from rain and flooding, there is a new potential set of problems for us to think about, NBC Bay Area’s Cheryl Hurd reports. “With any winds coming up now, we don’t know what’s going to happen,” explains arborist Zac Wilder. “When the sun comes out, the trees start drawing up all the water. Water is very heavy and it gets out to the leaves and gets out to the ends of branches, and then trees can unexpectedly come over in sunny weather, after a big storm.”

After the latest series of storms to hit Northern California, arborist Zac Wilder and the #SonomaMarinTreeMen prepare for a next set of problems. They spent last week clearing downed, drought-stressed trees with exposed roots in Guerneville.

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