Rookie Feeling Pressure To Be Promoted

Rookie Feeling Pressure To Be Promoted

Nate Esposito, or “Late Nate”, is a perpetually tardy rookie with promising climbing skills. Nate is an adrenaline junkie who was drawn to a job that would let him work outdoors.

He has worked for the company for more than 2 years but has yet to be promoted to a climbing position because he has trouble showing up to work. In the past, Zac offered Nate a promotion if he could show up on-time for one whole week…and he still failed to do so.

Nate is feeling the pressure to be promoted to climber now, because he has a girlfriend and son to support and could really use the higher salary.

See what it takes to be an arborist, here: Job Description

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  1. Come on…
    Find that gumption…
    Stop being late. Bosses only remember the bad things when promotions come around. Do yourself a favor. Kick #$s!
    & don’t be late for work.
    I will give you credit Being a climber is no joke. But you got an amazing boss.
    Good luck! Don’t be late. Early to bed early rise will make a man rich & wise.

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