Like A Boss.

Like A Boss.

SMA is ready for ‘Deadliest Job Interview,’ Discovery’s heart-pounding new series!

Watch Zap2it‘s exclusive sneak peek promo for the first glimpse at several ordinary Americans trying out for the most dangerous jobs in the country — and it does not always go well.

The new series follows these tough men and women entering various workforces — from Redwood Forest arborists (us) to acrobatic bush pilots, from heavy haul truckers to iron erectors, from commercial divers to volcanologists — as these rookies must learn the ropes and prove their skills and determination to their mentors and peers.

This heart-pounding new series premieres Friday, Jan. 29 at at 10 p.m. ET/PT on #Discovery.

Having trouble viewing this video? You can also click here to see the SNEAK PEEK : #DeadliestJobInterview


  1. Finally people will get just a glimpse of the incredible work that Zac has been doing for decades, and how he handles his position with natural leadership, unquestionable skill, and a hell of a lot of good humor. Over-the-top good work, and a good time at it.

  2. That would have been cool or would be to coordinate both companies, I have to climb trees and trim or remove just to stand the deric up on some jobs. LMAO

  3. Here’s some of what the students learned: How to climb trees safely; how to manage insects and other pests that threaten the life and health of trees; the proper way to cut down a tree; and what to look for when you walk through a forest.

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